Trekking refers to make slow or arduous journey on foot. Trekking could be of a day or multiple day activity. In Nepalese context, trekking is a popular activity among tourist where they (tourists) walk on foot from one destination to another for 5-6 hours a day, normally, to reach the predetermined destination in mountains.

Depending upon the grade of trek, it is an adventurous activity that demands physical fitness and endurance to explore remote area of the country especially, hills and mountains. As per trekking destination and its route, trekking could last from one day to more than 30 days.
Based on system and methods, there are two common styles of Trekking in Nepal- Tea House Trek and Camping Trek.

Tea House Trek: In this style, overnight stays and meals services are taken from the tea house and lodge during the trip. Together with you there will be the porters to carry the baggage and equipment and a guide to show you the trail. The popular routes for tea house include Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Everest Region and now a day you can see Tea House in most of the Trekking part of Nepal.

The Camping Trek: This is another style in which all food and camping equipment are carried together with the team of guides, cooks and porters who also take care of all the logistical details, camp set-ups and prepare delicious meals. These arrangements can be on behalf of an individual or group customers. Here below are the trekking grading systems:

Easy trekking is normally for those trekkers who are inexperience but it is not mandatory. It includes no tough climbing or ascents to high altitude. This type of trekking is accomplished within one to 10 days and the trail route is comparatively easy. The altitude you reach is not more than 4,000m and you accommodate in teahouses in this type of trekking.

In comparison to easy trek moderate trekking is a bit challenging. Enthusiastic and adventurous trekkers with a courage and mental strength can try this. It is a bit physically demanding. In this sort of trek you walk for more than 10 days and could reach to the height of around 4,000 to 4,500m. Maximum number of trekkers prefers this type of trekking.

High (a bit tough) trekking demands some previous experience in mountains although it is not compulsory as our guide will be assisting you in every step. But you should be mentally prepared for this. You reach at the height of 5,000 to 6,000m in this trekking. It involves steep and rocky mountain climbing. Some peaks climbing fall in this category.

Real adventurer with experience seeks for hard or difficult trekking. Steep and tough climbing are involved in this type of trekking. It could last for more than 15 days.